Hi, I’m Erica, a trainee life coach and also learning to tech mindfulness to others. I may still be looking for clients to work with free of charge whilst I am still training, so please get in touch if this si something that may interest you.

Here, I will update further information about the services on offer. This will soon include life coaching and mindfulness teaching. There will be one to one packages available as well as group courses. So, please keep checking back to see what is available

Life Coaching

I am well underway with my training in life coaching and will shortly begin the practical element where I will be working with real clients (free of charge) to gain the hands on experience required to qualify and become accredited. I should be able to start taking bookings and opening up my practice fully in early 2021. I will offer various packages to suit different budgets and circumstances and I will provide further details soon.

Mindfulness teaching

I have booked on an intensive training course in early October which I am really looking forward to. I will then need to complete some practical sessions and case studies in order to become qualified and accredited. I will be looking for volunteers to take part in these sessions, free of charge, so if you would like to be involved please register you interest with me as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Future Plans

I am already looking into 2 further training courses to complete my skill set and enable me to offer a full, well rounded service to my clients. These are, hypnotherapist training as this has many fantastic application for dealing with mental heath issues, past trauma, bad habits, phobias, pain management, meeting goals, to name just a few. I feel this will enable me to help clients using a range of methods so that I can tailor me service to suit them individually. My other intention is to do a course which will allow me to gain in depth knowledge of teaching mindfulness techniques to children and teens. Young people today seem to be under more pressure than even which can have detrimental effects on their mental health. I’m very much in favour of creating good mental health habits from a young age, so that children and young people can grow into strong, confident young adults who feel ready to take on life’s challenges.

Register you interest today.

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