A warm welcome.

Thank you very much for visiting this site, I really appreciate your support.

The purpose of this site it to bring together all of my ideas into one place to make them easier to access for you. As you can see, as this is a new venture (as of July 2020) so there isn’t much content yet, but we all have to start somewhere and, for me, that’s right here.

So, what’s to come?

  1. I will be creating some relaxation audios. These will include meditations, sleep music and positive affirmations. They will initially be available on YouTube, but I also plan to make them into MP3 files which will be available for purchase right here on this site.
  2. I will be creating other informative content for YouTube, which I hope to be able to embed here too. This will be on topics such as health eating, which foods are good for improving mental health, why we should drink more water, the benefits of physical exercise, the benefits of mindfulness (and what that is) and many other topics. I’m also very happy to receive your suggestion, please get in touch if there’s something you would like to see.
  3. I will be creating blog posts, these will be of a more personal nature and I will talk about my own experiences of mental health problems and what I am doing to try and improve my own situation. I will talk about what I feel is working for me and what I would like to try next. It would also be really good to posts the stories of other, this way we can get a more rounded view, as we know mental health problems are different for each person so gathering other perspectives will be very valuable.
  4. I’d love to create a podcast where I can interview experts in various fields relating to improving mental health. This could include: therapists, dietitians, fitness experts, yoga teachers, mindfulness teachers, life coaches, and more. I feel like gathering the thoughts of these types of people in one place could be a really valuable resource.
  5. I would like to add other reliable and verified products to my site for purchace if I feel they could be of use to those suffering from mental health issues.
  6. I would like to write my own guides and perhaps an e-book which will gather all I learn along this journey and use it to benefit others who are also struggling with their own mental health issues.

Please keep checking back regularly to seem my latest blog posts. Also let’s connect on social media. There are links to my YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accuunts at the top of this page.

I’m creating this project…

…to help others who are suffering daily from anxiety or depression and to encourage them to make the changes needed to their lifestyle and their thoughts to bring about improvements in their well being.

I’m creating this project…

…to help me in my own journey to improving my own mental health by giving myself something to focus on and feel good about.

I’m creating this project…

…to hopefully begin to generate and income to support my family and build them a better future. My family mean the world to me and I want to do my absolute best for them every day.

Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety; after all it is only in the darkest nights that stars shine more brightly.”– Ali Ibn Abi Talib

You can’t always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.”– Wayne Dyer